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Magic Articles on Buzzle

December 19, 2006

Dan’s article about using a magician at a wedding has been published on Buzzle. This is a great article and news site with many well written and informative articles. Worth Checking out.


More Magic Articles

December 14, 2006

On the subject of magic articles, Dan also has articles published on free-article-zone.

You can view his author profile here.

His Close-Up Magic Article is his most popular article. An Excerpt: ‘Close-up magic is magical entertainment that happens right in front of you, magic you can not only see but feel and touch. This intimacy is what makes it so different from other types of magic. An expert close-up magician will involve and interact with the audience far more than a stage magician (or any other form of entertainer for that matter)’


Magic Articles by Dan Gifford

December 14, 2006

Dan has written a number of articles about magic and using magicians as entertainers for different events (i.e. weddings, corporate functions and parties)

His article ‘What is Close-Up Magic?’ has been published on as well a few other article sites, including a1Articles and Article Dashboard.

The article explains about how close-up magic works at events and what makes a good close-up magician.